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Welcome to the official website of Biritto Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited!

Biritto Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd, in brief 'Biritto Ltd' or simply 'Britto' is a government registered multipurpose co-operative society. Biritto is the space for the cadre officials of 20th BCS (Bangladesh civil service), the elite service of Bangladesh.

This site will help you to understand the way Britto is functioning for the welfare of her members and the efforts of this society towards fulfilling the aspirations of the members of Britto MCS limited and our cordial commitments. To take a quick view about Britto click here.

The society is registered by Dhaka District Co-operative Office under Directorate General of Co-operative of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Its registration number is 01072 & it is registered on the date of 15 may 2011. Click here to see the registration certificate. It is noted that members of this registered society are all first class gazetted officers.

The members of the society joined the 20th BCS cadre service in 2001. Total number of cadres of this batch (20th BCS) is 20 (cadres' name). The cadre strength of this batch, as per final result recommended by PSC in the year of 2001, is 2,240. For details click here.

We, all the founder members (list here) of the society, formed the society in 2010 (15 September 2010). We, the members of constitution formation subcommittee (list here), with the help of general members, formed a costitution for our heatful society, the Britto ltd. To view full text of constitution click here. The main principle of our constitution is 'Savings bring solvency' and slogan is 'Many a little makes a mickle'. For details click here and here.

We know, the members of the society are those who are the members of the 20th batch of Bangladesh civil service (BCS). They are primarily eligible to be a member of this society. For more information click here. The total number of members of the society (Britto ltd) is almost 200 (up to September 2015) (database here) and total number of cadres in Britto is 17. For more conception click here. To register yourself as a member of the society click here, if you were the member of 20th BCS (Bangladesh civil service).

Britto may offer project for the welfare of its members. A housing project activity named 'Britto Polli 1 (Savar)', the first project taken by Britto, is running now at the site of Savar near Dhaka. The number of present shareholders are about 80 and their list is here. Share(s) is/are being invited from the members of Britto. Someone who is a member of Britto may apply now. E-application facility is available here. To take a quick view about the project click here.

We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and suggestions. For feedback and suggestions, if any, click here.

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